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carmen | for vera mirna

With Vera’s Work, I Got 2 New Paid Clients And Both Of Them Became Repeat Clients!

With Vera’s work I have been clearing blocks to receiving money and last week I had 2 new paid clients, one of them even rescheduling twice more.

This morning I was busy working and received a text from the other of the first clients, wanting to have another appointment right then. I was able to make that work within the next hour!

So Look at me Go!!!! Let's have that!!! Reality reset, Thank You!”

doreen hamilton | for deborah werner

Within 1 day, I booked an acting job for a show I didn’t even audition for!

The joy of unexpected income! When I set the intention for New Doors opening through the remote misting, I had a job in mind. However, God got jokes! Within 1 day, I booked an acting job for a show I didn’t even audition for! Thank you, thank you for creating a powerful product!

dena for dipalshah

Within 24 hours of Dipal's Karmic clearing I found the house of my dreams at the price I wanted

I was having issues with my landlord and needed to move immediately. I couldn't find a home that I was happy with. Immediately after my Karmic clearing session my realtor called me and within 24 hours I found the house of my dreams and it was the price I wanted.

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