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wendy | for marlene allen

When my glands improved their function so did the hormones…

A friend told me about Marlene and a program for the glands and hormones that didn’t require me to do much of anything, which I was immediately drawn to because I didn’t have much energy left to devote to anything. It made so much sense and sure enough when my glands improved their function so did the hormones then things fell into place, the depression and bitchiness were replaced by some feelings of happiness and laughter, wow the family was a little shocked to say the least! I’m sleeping much better now, and feel refreshed in the morning, that’s something I didn’t know if I’d ever feel again, my mind is not such a blur, I’m more peaceful and content, and can feel moments of joy return.

ximena | for vera mirna

My body felt lighter and I reduced inches!

I started getting Vera's energies about a month ago as a sample run offered by her. In that time I have felt my face's skin texture be softer, younger. I had a slight line between my eyebrows which now I don't see any more even in the magnified mirror. Unexpectedly, my body felt lighter as well. I reduced inches! Thank you Vera.

karen for dawn crystal

My Damaged Tooth Grew Back

I broke my back right third molar ten years ago while eating corn nuts. With Great hope I bought Dawn Crystal's Dental Care package. MY DAMAGED TOOTH GREW BACK!!!! It's once rough, jagged edges are smooth now! What Just Happened!?? THANK YOU Dawn!! You Are a Rock Star in sound healing my dear!! TY TY TY TY TY!!!!

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