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nerissa | for virginia rounds griffiths

She’s the entity worker, moving bad energies to the light!

I recently jumped in an Uber Pool car in LA. Immediately I felt ill and could tell there was an entity in the car.

Within 20 minutes I was feeling really nauseous and feeling like I needed to throw up. I considered getting out of the car, but thankfully the gentleman next to me got out.

Within a few minutes I started feeling better. I only wish I had my internet working so I could have called Virginia. She’s the entity worker, moving bad energies to the light.

thelma fitzgerald | for susan sinclair

I love being able to quiet my mind and accept what my ego is actually there for!

I’d always thought the soul was “out there” with God and not very approachable, and how did it have any impact on everyday life? Susan made the soul personal to me, and explained how it’s meant to guide me in my everyday life and how the mind is limited in what it understands so the soul needs to lead--and that was an extreme revelation to me! 

I love being able to quiet my mind and accept what my ego is actually there for. I now have something practical to take away and use in my life from this bonus session.

phiroza for wilma davis

My son’s entire family is noticing shifts in him!

I was introduced to Wilma through FHTJ and I have been working with her on behalf of my teenage son. He has learning disabilities, ADHD and mood disorder causing behavior issues. 

Wilma has helped my son to calm down and has been very approachable throughout the month long healing. Her healing technique and remote clearings have shown results as the whole family is noticing shifts in him. Thank you Wilma for your service! I would definitely recommend this healer.


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