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Listen to these 4 Master Healers

Open & Expand Your Heart to Love & Let Go of the Past

Activations to help you heal and let go of the past to pave the way for a magical 2021. Activations will last for days after listening and you can listen to them as often as you need. Clearings are for your highest good.

  •  Love completely and ground in your divine light
  •  Easily and effortlessly let go of everything that doesn’t serve you
  •  Release heavy dense energy so you can manifest a new reality
  •  Unearth old energies that are ready to be released for the new year
  • Heart activation to expand and clear your heart walls to truly receive what you desire
  •  Bring your intentions into your physical mind, body and spirit to make them your reality

Audio will be Available on January 9th at 10 AM EST

Dawn Crystal

Have the Best Year Yet

  •  Receive potent energies directly channeled from Source and entrain to higher frequencies as you watch the video!
  •  Experience new energies and frequencies that heal you and your body faster and deeper than ever before!
  •  Release excess weight and density and other heavy energies to allow your body to feel lighter!
  •  Feel energized from feeling your own infinite power and manifestation potential!
  • Strengthen your knowing that you are an unstoppable and powerful creator capable of having it all in any year!

Audio will be Available on January 9th at 10 AM EST

Vera Mirna

Let Go of Unresolved & Hidden Trauma that Surfaces in Times of Crisis, and Reconnect With SELF

In this activation by Marlene Allen you will clear the energies of the pent-up, excess energy of stress. This is a powerful activation for people that have lived through difficult times, may be experiencing PTSD, or who fear an illness, and want to heal. This will assist in letting go of this energy from your body so you can get back to feeling yourself again.

This incredible energetic transmission is part of the Adrenal Gland Upgrade Solution by Marlene Allen. That program clears the causes behind what keeps the body in a state of stress, and this audio you can use on your own daily if you wish, to reset your energy.

Audio will be Available on January 9th at 10 AM EST

Marlene Allen

Shocking and Miraculous Truth about Healing ANY and ALL physical, emotional, relationship, financial or spiritual traumas. How to shift from surviving to thriving.

  • Learn that there is ONE Belief that a child picks up exactly between the age of 2 and 3, that shapes its entire destiny.
  • Learn that ANY challenge of any kind in life is sourced from this belief, which is also called the Core Wound Belief.
  •  Learn how our subconscious mind “creates” all forms of challenges in order to protect this wound. In psychology this is called the coping mechanism.
  •  Learn that until you heal the core wounded belief it is impossible to find peace and wellbeing in life no matter how much spiritual work you do.
  •  Learn that Healing the core wounded belief IS our life’s purpose.
  •  Learn why it is so tricky to heal the wounded belief.
  •  Learn that once you identify and fix this one core wound belief, ALL life challenges start to dissipate simultaneously.
  • Understand why this is so much faster method to heal ALL life challenges than to solve one problem at a time using other healing modalities.

Audio will be Available on January 9th at 10 AM EST

Sanjay Nimar